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Berkley Soft Bait Binder

This berkley soft bait binder is large enough to hold 42 bags, up to 42" deep. The binder's catches and straps make it easy to store the bait. The soft bait binder will keep your bait alive and in shape while you're away on your trip.

Top 10 Berkley Soft Bait Binder

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Berkley Soft Bait Binder Walmart

The berkley 1490-bait binder bags are perfect for using with our 1490-baitfixed bait. These bags come in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to find what you need. this berkley fishing tool includes a 1490 bait binder which can be used to track and manage your fishing supplies. The binder is made of durable materials and includes a variety of pockets and compartments for keeping your supplies. The tool also has a built in meshication which makes it easy to keep your supplies on the move. this powerful soft bait binder is perfect for carrying your large items for fishing. It features a heavy duty bagging system that is perfect for making sure your soft bait is landed safely. The versatile design makes it the perfect tool for any fishing trip. The carry handle makes it easy to carry on the go. this berkley soft bait binder style with over 20 bags of soft bait is the perfect way to keep your catch on the rise. The binder has a comfortable shoulder strap and offers a variety of hiding places for your catch.