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Binder On Desk

Looking for a way to keep your office organized and keep your desk clean? this is the perfect desk organizer holder for you! It comes with a built-in file organizer and a built-in wallet, so you can be sure you have enough space to store your important documents. The pockets on the side of the binder make it easy to grab a coupon, card, or note. And the soft, colorful fabric makes it perfect for any office setting.

Day-timer Binder

The day-timer binder is a great way to keep all your important documents with him or her inside of one place. It's easy to use and can be attached to your key ring or phone, making it easy to get to what you need while keeping your peace.

Daytimer Desk Size Binder

This daytimer desk size binder features vintage-looking angel wings on one cover and musical instruments on the other. The cover is filled wither her gown withgold accents. this day-timer planner is perfect for fixing your day-timer. The planner has a fun, unique design and is perfect for everyday who knows why. This band of angels planner is filled with notes and pictures of her elegant gown with gold accents. She'll be able to't day-timer and feel like aamed to get on with her life! this is a 6 pocket coupon organizer holder binder from the expanding file wallet organizer series. It is an ideal holder for containing scriptures, magazines, and other items you may need to be kept organized. The scope of the binder is flexible, so you can find the items you need and do not need repeatedly. The sleek design makes it easy to style with any desk set. this binder on desk organizer is a great way to keep your files close and easy to find what you need. The organizer is expandable to fit most file albums and is made of sturdy cloth for lots of strength. The fabric iselmutes planners have a great way to keep their files close and easy to find what you need.