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Data Binder Cover

Get the data you need in any condition with our binder cover. Its made of durable material that will never let you your data vulnerable. Plus, it has an optional hook for added function.

Presstex Binders

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Printout Binders

The blue hanging data binder is a great way to keep your data protected and looking fresh all in one place. The acco hanging data binder is a14x11x blue and is flexible to fit any situation. the blue acco hanging data binder cover is the perfect way to keep your data secure and protect your work area. The cover is acco-hideous red and comes with a 10-pack. the data binder cover is a high quality 10 inch pressboard data binder cover that is made of hard plastic. It is 14. 7"w x 11. 5"l x 0. 72"h and it is made of strong plastic. The data binder cover is long enough to fit press board data cards. It is also wide enough to fit other data cards. The data binder cover also has a zip-up feature which makes it convenient to wear at all times. the 10 make 5 national data binder covers are the perfect solution for keeping your data safe and protected. With these covers, you can rest assured that your data is protected and you is able to use the information that you have bindersi. Com without fear of data theft.